I’m an investigative and enterprise reporter at the Clarion Ledger in Jackson, Miss. Before that I worked as a healthcare and breaking news reporter at The Salt Lake Tribune, and as the Idaho National Laboratory and environmental reporter for the Post Register in Idaho Falls. I began my journalism career covering local government and general assignment news during a yearlong trainee program at the Orange County Register. 

Opioid makers spent nearly a million dollars on Utah doctors in recent years, ties now used against the companies in lawsuits

The money and meals flowed to doctors even as more and more Utahns fatally overdosed on opioids, including painkillers and heroin. The death toll rose from 306 in 2010, to 381 in 2013, to 449 in 2016, according to the Utah Department of Health. Two years ago, Utah was tied for the third-highest prescription opioid death rate in the country.

Shot down over WWII France, this Utah man evaded Nazis with help from a French farming family that came to love him as a son

The fliers drew enemy fire after crossing the English Channel, and again as they neared their target, a German military outpost near the city of Rouen. Moseley had been singularly focused on sticking close to “the rest of the boys,” he would later tell an interviewer, but the raspy sound of the P-47’s engine leaking oil soon grabbed his attention. He’d been hit.

New lawsuit describes now-Rep. John Curtis, other Provo officials as ignoring complaints of police chief’s sexual misconduct

The five women who filed the lawsuit against King and the city say they were the subject of unwanted sexual advances during the chief’s three-year tenure in Provo. They argue the mayor knew about at least some of the allegations and yet his message to the supervisors was clear: King actions would go unchecked and any complaints against him would be ignored.

Detective’s body camera confirms that Logan police asked him to back off blood draw before nurse’s arrest

Salt Lake City police Detective Jeff Payne’s body camera footage confirms Logan police Chief Gary Jensen’s assertion that his officers did not push to get blood from the victim of a fiery crash in Cache County. Payne ultimately handcuffed and arrested University Hospital nurse Alex Wubbels on July 26 after she refused to allow the blood draw on the grounds that the patient was unconscious and Payne had no warrant.

At University of Utah Hospital, a small group of volunteers pledges that no patient will die alone

It used to be that four or five patients would die in a room by themselves each month at the University of Utah Hospital. Sometimes they were homeless. Sometimes they were estranged from family or had outlived all their closest relatives. Sometimes their family and friends couldn’t reach Utah in time. A newly formed volunteer group at the east Salt Lake City hospital aims to give those people an around-the-clock companion in their final day or two of life.
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